About Us

     Calloused Soles Running Co. was born, where else but on a run.  It seems I always come up with good ideas or crazy ones on a run. Most of the time the second I stop running they disappear from my mind as though they never existed.  Calloused Soles didn’t however, it stuck around and started to snowball.  I knew I had a passion for running and I wanted to share that passion with other runners.  I know that every runner has a story, so I guess Calloused Soles is mine.  It’s not my finish line but it’s definitely my starting line.

     It all started with a single shirt that I would wear when I was running races.  It inspired me to bring my best everyday and keep pushing until I crossed that finish line.  It wasn’t until a friend told me after a race that he heard everyone talking about my shirt as I ran by that I thought, maybe this is how to inspire.  It’s taken more than a year to get from that day to now, and it’s been a long road.  However I wouldn’t want it any other way, since nothing worth doing is ever easy.  On the journey I’ve had the pleasure of meeting others who’ve inspired  me to push harder and further then I’ve ever imagined.  So thanks to my family, friends, and random strangers for joining me on this run, you’re all an inspiration to me.